lola heartst this makeup services Welcome to LolaHeartsThis.com! My name is Lola Gonzalez, and I am a makeup artist in the Greater Los Angeles Area. I enjoy writing reviews on beauty products, and I LOVE sharing how I wear different kinds of makeup, especially on my youtube channel. However, I have this little habit of dabbling in several creative projects at once (*giggly monkey emoji*). In fact, while you navigate my site you might also run into my hair and makeup portfolio, my music blog (naiv productions), my illustration shop (HoneyHavana) and my videography work. Do I have other side projects in the works? Yes. Will I ever be able to narrow down my interests into ONE main passion? Nope! But I find that the more projects I juggle, the more creative I become. So, take a seat. Look around. Leave me an instagram comment, or watch one of my weird music videos. You can even buy a print of one of my illustrations! Either way, I am so very grateful that you stopped by to check out my work. Thank you for supporting my wacky but always honest quest to create! ❤, Lola